Kreasi Makanan untuk Anak melalui Edukasi Makanan Sehat Isi Piringku oleh Forum PUSPA Kota Tanjungpinang


  • Diah Siti Utari Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Raja Haji
  • Desmayeti Arfa


healthy food, Puspa Forum, IIDI


The Tanjungpinang City PUSPA Forum and the Tanjungpinang City Indonesian Doctors' Wives Association (IIDI) collaborated to provide education to housewives in coastal areas. This education emphasizes the importance of consuming healthy food while additionally demonstrating creativity in one of the components of healthy food, particularly fish, to stimulate children's interest in food. Stunting is a current health issue that may be preventable if we have the knowledge and skills to make healthy food creations that children enjoy. The methods used included children's games, lectures, and discussions, while also the provision of prizes, production practices, and eating together. Overall, this community engagement activity is carried out in several stages, including planning, activity socialization, internal and external coordination, activity implementation, and activity publication in mass media and service journals. The findings of this activity show that involving elements outside of local government, such as the Tanjungpinang City PUSPA Forum, which collaborates with the Tanjungpinang City IIDI in service activities, contributes to increasing the knowledge and creativity of housewives in coastal areas. Participants in the "Healthy Food, Fill My Plate" education had a positive response, particularly housewives and children under the age of five, who were very enthusiastic about participating in this activity.


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